How Hawa Hassan Built a Cookbook Around East African Grandmothers: Women Who Travel Podcast

LA: No, no, it really does. Sort of going on to food appropriation and recipe appropriation, I mean, you kind of touched on this before, but where do you think that line lies between who gets to cook what?

HH: I think all of it is rooted in respect. I think everyone should eat what they want, they should cook what they want, but how are you sharing that space when you’re in it? Are you occupying it? Are you closing the door behind you when you get into someone else’s culture? Who else is in that position to better tell those stories that is from that place? And then also, what is your reasoning for being in that space? Is it to learn more and to bring the world closer to one another and to make the table longer? Or is it to just, again, occupy it?

It’s like,

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Kitchen ripe for renovation? Be inspired by these kitchen trends for 2020, featuring statement stone, accent colours and new ways to use wood.

a kitchen with a sink and a refrigerator: Modern kitchen design ideas for 2020 and beyond. Inspiration for making a stylish statement, including the kitchen trends to know now, from marble islands to reclaimed materials.

© Husk
Modern kitchen design ideas for 2020 and beyond. Inspiration for making a stylish statement, including the kitchen trends to know now, from marble islands to reclaimed materials.

Kitchen ripe for renovation? Take heed of these inventive ideas that use statement stone, accent colours and glorious wood, showcased in a host of creative guises. Inspiration starts here…


To treat a kitchen island as a simple extension of an existing scheme is to lose out on its transformative potential. Try mixing materials, introducing curves and sacrificing some of the storage below for a bold, sculptural structure.

a room with a wood floor: Custom bar in Paonazzo marble with walnut cabinetry, price on application, Studio 34 South; for similar tap, try ‘Purist’ by Kohler in ‘Matt Black’, £887, Tap Warehouse; ‘Cherner Bar Stool’ in ‘Classic Walnut’, £871, Aram Store

© Maarten Willemstein
Custom bar in Paonazzo marble with walnut cabinetry, price on application, Studio 34 South; for similar tap, try ‘Purist’ by Kohler in ‘Matt Black’, £887, Tap Warehouse; ‘Cherner Bar Stool’ in ‘Classic Walnut’, £871, Aram Store


There’s no denying that wood is a wonder

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The Link Between Star Wars and Apple’s Earbuds

It’s October and Halloween is nearly upon us. Which means it’s that time of year when we pull out all of the scary movies in our film collections and pile them up in preparation for a month-long horror movie marathon. Before you grab the popcorn and dim the lights, take some time to bone up on your horror knowledge with these facts about some of your favorite scary movies.

1. Count Orlock only blinks once in Nosferatu.

In the nine minutes of screen time Max Schreck has as Count Orlock in F.W. Murnau’s classic Nosferatu (1922), he blinks only one time (near the end of part one).

2. The Exorcist was the first horror film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.

The horror genre has never gotten much love from the Academy. Though there still seems to be a bias against scary movies during awards season, The

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Welcome to the cult of Kmart

When Kmart opened its Invercargill store, shoppers slept in the car park to be first through the door. They were still pipped at the post.

Welcome to the cult of Kmart.

The discount retailer opened its first New Zealand store in 1988 but its popularity has soared in recent years, largely driven by the rise of social media.

Devotees clamour to share bargain buys – like the $99 coffee machine which set Facebook groups alight (metaphorically speaking) on Monday – and “hacks” online.

* Shoppers queued up from early morning to be the first to shop at Kmart Invercargill
* Kmart latest to announce plans as big stores turn backs on Christchurch malls
* Kmart sales fall on weak womenswear sales and DVD exit

While New Zealand groups boast tens of thousands of members a pop, the numbers climb into the hundreds of thousands across the Tasman.


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In a year of canceled events, what’s a catering company to do? Pivot, with tacos – Food and Dining – Austin 360

In March, a local catering company called La Pera had 137 employees, some contract or part time, to help them serve food at the kind of parties and events that are a cornerstone of Austin’s social scene. Weddings and anniversaries, product launches, tasting events, conferences, corporate parties.

Seven months into the coronavirus pandemic, they have seven.

“There were days when we needed 75 people on staff, and now maybe we need four,” says co-owner Bethany DiBaggio.

Although she and her partner Rafael Rodriguez hope to eventually hire some of those employees back when Austin’s large-scale events return, a marker of normalcy that could be more than a year away, they aren’t going to sit around and hope the phone rings.

DiBaggio and Rodriguez opened La Pera in 2017 after meeting a few years earlier through the food scene. Rodriguez, a McAllen native whose family is from Guadalajara, had left the

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Win Your Block’s Best Pumpkin Award This Halloween With These Carving Tools & Patterns for 2020

If you love arts and crafts and want the chance to show people how creative you can be, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween are likely your favorite holidays. Having an excuse to create eye-catching centerpieces, tree-topping ornaments or spooky decorations is great fun and a nice way to spend time with children, friends and family, too. One of the best annual holiday tasks is without a doubt making jack-o’-lanterns with pumpkin carving kits.

Every year brings a blank canvas, letting you create the most eye-catching or scariest design you can think of. Whether you choose a ghost, monster or Halloween scene for your pumpkin, there’s always plenty of fun to be had seeing who can create the best jack-o’-lantern!

When it comes to carving pumpkins, having the right tools and inspiration gives a huge leg up. While a kitchen knife and dessert spoon perform a perfectly adequate job for the average

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Baker Steve Davies, boss of Icing on the Cake, Hoo, dies of bowel cancer

A popular baker has died just a month after being diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Steve Davies’ death from bowel cancer had prompted his grief-stricken family to issue an urgent warning to others – get screened.

Baker Steve Davies has died
Baker Steve Davies has died

The 57-year-old, who ran a cake-making business in Hoo for more than 20 years, had been a fit and healthy dad-of-two and husband to Amanda before complaining of tiredness and a cold at the beginning of lockdown.

He started feeling sick and went to A&E where he was told he might have a gallbladder infection.

However, on September 3, following a CT scan, he was diagnosed with cancer which had spread throughout his body.

On October 3 he passed away at the family home in Webb Close, Hoo , where the couple raised their children Ben, 32, and Jess, 27.

Amanda, 53, has appealed as a tribute to her

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Creativity Fuels Your Journey To The Next Normal

The familiar phrase, “necessity is the mother of all invention,” is traced back to Plato’s Republic. For at least that long, we’ve recognized a motivational drive to find novel ways to address the pain that is part of the human condition. 

Since the calendar turned to 2020, nothing has created more pain in our lives than the COVID-19 pandemic. The need for social distance has sent waves of disruption through our lives and the economy. For some industries, the trouble presented an opportunity. Video streaming and grocery and meal delivery services have experienced an incredible increase in demand. Some, such as Netflix, have shown the ability to scale deftly. Others, like Instacart, have found seizing the opportunity a bit of a challenge.

Other industries are struggling to survive. In New York City, restaurants have turned sidewalks in

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Interior designers Reveal Secrets To Show Home Styling Like A Pro

Viewing a show home not only gives potential homebuyers plenty of interior design inspiration, but for those considering buying an off-plan property, it enables them to visualise what their future home could look like.

Show homes are often well coordinated and kitted out with luxe furnishings and high-end appliances. There’s always a strong theme and design direction which runs throughout. There could be light neutrals on the main walls and a stronger colour on one feature wall in a room or hallway, which is then echoed as an accent colour throughout the home in artwork, cushions or bedlinen. In a typical open plan living space, you may find floor lamps in corners and lots of luscious houseplants to soften corners and introduce greenery.

UK homebuilder, CALA Homes, works with an expert team of interior designers across the UK to create aspirational show homes with added wow factor. Here, a panel

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Incredible budget transformation of dated semi-detached house into a colourful and popular Instagram home

When teacher Clara McGillian and lecturer Nicholas Felstead first picked up the keys to their first home in May 2019 they knew there was a renovation and interiors mountain to start climbing.

Armed with very little DIY experience and a limited budget but a vast amount of enthusiasm they dived in to rescue a 1930s period property stuck in the past.

Even though the couple had viewed new-build houses they were desperate to live in a specific and respectable area also convenient for commuting to work; but so did many other people.

They were constantly being priced out of the area where they wanted to live and increasing the buying budget was not an option.

The only answer was to take on a renovation project – find a cheaper wreck and revive it.

So the hunt began for a property that had not been touched for years that was looking

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