How Do Real-Estate Agents Show Homes During Covid? With Face Masks, Gloves and Some Ingenuity

Heather T. Roy & Learka Bosnak

Ms. Bosnak: Heather and I have been working together for 15 years and we are very comfortable doing showings together. Then Covid shut everything down. We did a showing and I came back completely frustrated, because we were wearing masks. I felt muzzled. I was constantly running around saying, “I’m smiling under here!” This business is all about rapport, comfort level.

Ms. Roy: We’re like, “We need new skills. We need people to know what we’re thinking, and we also need to know what they’re thinking.” It was almost like we needed a body language expert. I am single and I had met with a couple of matchmakers in L.A. One had her clients meet with a body language expert—Mark Edgar Stephens.

Ms. Bosnak: Heather’s still single, but we love this guy.

Ms. Roy: So we called Mark and told him what we were

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Covid drives historic demand for life sciences real estate and these REITs, report says

  • Venture-capital investment in the life sciences sector grew to a record rolling annual total of $17.8 billion in the second quarter.
  • Covid-19 is accelerating an already growing demand for real estate in the sector.
  • “The biotech sector may be the single most attractive subsector within commercial real estate today,” said Spencer Levy, chairman of Americas research and senior economic advisor for CBRE.

a person standing in a room: Research associate Sachi Johnson works at Sorrento Therapeutics where efforts are underway to develop an antibody, STI-1499, to help in prevention of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in San Diego, California, May 22, 2020.

© Provided by CNBC
Research associate Sachi Johnson works at Sorrento Therapeutics where efforts are underway to develop an antibody, STI-1499, to help in prevention of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in San Diego, California, May 22, 2020.

All the fundamentals are aligning for the life sciences industry, as Covid-19 accelerates already growing demand for real estate in the sector.


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Rents are rising for lab space, vacancies are plunging and research and development, and employment and new development are expanding further, thanks to strong venture capital investment. 

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Trump Continues To Be A COVID Superspreader? President May Draw Hundreds To White House South Lawn In Campaign Event

Shaniqua Juliano


  • Trump had wanted to start campaigning again this weekend, 10 days after his COVID-19 diagnosis
  • Doctors warn patients in the second week of the disease can take a rapid turn for the worse
  • Trump has exhibited a cavalier attitude toward the disease that has killed more than 213,000 Americans since March

President Donald Trump, who lost a week of campaigning to coronavirus, may be planning a second superspreader event at the White House: a gathering of hundreds on the South Lawn of the White House to hear him talk about law-and-order issues.

Trump, who was sidelined after being diagnosed with COVID-19 last week, was expected to address the crowd from a White House balcony, sources told ABC News.

A Sept. 26 Rose Garden event at which he formalized his nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court was believed responsible for dozens of infections. Most of

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COVID chaos inspires innovation and hope in Ohio

Shaniqua Juliano

Anna Staver
| The Columbus Dispatch

The Rev. Deborah Bowsher looked around the empty halls of her Zanesville church and saw an opportunity.

“While the Red Cross has been finding it quite difficult to have blood drives because all the businesses and schools have said, ‘No, you can’t do that in our premises,’” Bowsher said, “we’re an empty building most of the time, and we’ve opened our doors.”

Trinity United Presbyterian Church has hosted weekly blood drives for the nonprofit organization since the coronavirus pandemic shuttered businesses and sent millions of Ohioans into seemingly endless work-from-home situations.

The novel coronavirus threw the world into disarray in 2020. Whole states shut down, people were forced to quarantine or shelter in place, economies ground to a halt and more than 200,000 American lives have been lost. But amid the chaos and the confusion, Ohioans have found ways to innovate.

The church represents

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Cavalier White House approach to COVID catches up to Trump

Shaniqua Juliano

WASHINGTON (AP) — Masks were rarely spotted in the West Wing. Crowds of people gathered shoulder to shoulder on the White House South Lawn. And Air Force One streaked across the sky from one massive campaign rally to another.

With ready access to testing and the best public health minds at his disposal, President Donald Trump should have been the American safest from COVID-19. Instead, he flouted his own government’s guidelines and helped create a false sense of invulnerability in the White House, an approach that has now failed him as it did a nation where more than 200,000 people have died.

Marine One, the presidential helicopter, lifted off Friday to take Trump to a military hospital from the same White House lawn that less than a week earlier had been the site of his celebratory nomination of a new Supreme Court justice as he charged toward the November election.

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COVID layoffs spur interest in real estate agent classes

Shaniqua Juliano

Earlier this year, Markham Thomas got furloughed and later laid off from his job selling advertising, a field he’d been in for over 25 years. He took a real estate course and now has his “45-day card,” a temporary pass to sell homes before receiving his license. 

Switching careers is “a once-in-a-lifetime thing, but COVID is also once in a lifetime, so I took the opportunity,” said Thomas, who lives in the Beverly neighborhood and is working for Anchor Realty, based in the Roseland neighborhood. 

He is one among many Chicago-area people who’ve turned to residential real estate in the wake of furloughs and job cuts. At the Chicago Association of Realtors, enrollment in pre-licensing courses was up nearly 71 percent in this summer compared to last year, according to Lanora Tolliver, the group’s education admissions representative. 

Most of the surge was in August, when enrollment was up 154 percent

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Panic and confusion permeate White House after Trump’s Covid diagnosis

Shaniqua Juliano

Golden autumn sunshine shone down on Washington on Saturday to illuminate a US capital upended as Donald Trump began his first full day in hospital battling coronavirus amid a presidential election thrown into chaos.

a large clock tower towering over White House: Photograph: J Scott Applewhite/AP

© Provided by The Guardian
Photograph: J Scott Applewhite/AP

Related: Amy Coney Barrett: quick confirmation under threat as three senators infected

Just hours earlier, on Friday evening after an excruciating wait for news, the president had emerged from the White House with a lacklustre wave and thumbs up, but ignoring reporters’ shouted questions about the state of his health.

Trump stalked slowly across the south lawn and boarded the US presidential helicopter. The only visual clue that something profound had changed was Trump’s face: he was wearing a mask.

As Marine One lifted into the sky just before sunset, the president left behind a White House staff suddenly rudderless, fearful and unsure how the story

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As winter looms and COVID rages on, Burlington considers allowing outdoor fires

Shaniqua Juliano

COVID-19 makes indoor gatherings more difficult, typically a viable solution to weathering Vermont winters. Now Burlington’s City Council is considering a resolution to allow outdoor fires in the upcoming months.

8 popular fire pits that are perfect for the end-of-summer

© Solo Stove
8 popular fire pits that are perfect for the end-of-summer

Finding pandemic-safe past times has been relatively easy in a state like Vermont, where the environment is conducive to hiking, camping, activities on the lake and more. But colder months ahead will render many of these activities more difficult, if not impossible, for some.

A Twitter user asked on Sept. 23 if the city could approve backyard fire pits, a move that would establish relative middle ground between COVID-19 and winter. 

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Thom Tillis Has COVID and Cal Cunningham’s Sexts Leak

Shaniqua Juliano

The race for US Senate in North Carolina took a turn for the absurd Friday night, with revelations that Republican SenatorThom Tillis tested positive for COVID-19 after attending a WhiteHouse ceremony coming just hours before Democratic nominee Cal Cunningham admitted to sexting someone who isn’t his wife.

Tillis shared his COVID positive status in tweet Friday, stating, “Thankfully, I have no symptoms and feel well.” He’s one of a growing list of Republicans, including President Donald Trump, that have contracted the highly contagious disease after attending a ceremony for Trump’s Supreme Court  Amy Coney Barrett. The event had dozens of dignitaries sitting shoulder-to-shoulder on the lawn of the Rose Garden. Tillis, it seems, was actually wearing a mask at the event, which goes to show just how contagious this virus is. 

Trump, meanwhile, remains hospitalized but claimed treatments are “Going well, I think!” in a Tweet late Friday. 

Tillis shared

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American Airlines adds DFW-to-Daytona Beach flight for outdoor winter escape during COVID pandemic

Shaniqua Juliano

Anticipating strong demand to warm outdoor destinations this winter, American Airlines has added a seasonal flight between DFW International Airport and Daytona Beach International Airport in central Florida.

American Airlines plans to start the new seasonal service daily flight Dec. 17 and run it through April 5, part of a wave of new routes connecting Florida to the rest of the country as air carriers desperately try to find attractive routes for travelers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last week, American Airlines said it was adding flights to Loreto and La Paz, Mexico. Southwest Airlines has opened up service recently to Palm Springs, Calif., and Miami for the first time ever. United Airlines has also added hundreds of flights to Florida.

The emphasis on hot weather destinations isn’t a surprise. As the U.S. heads into cold weather months, there are fears of the COVID-19 virus spreading even more as people head

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