‘Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles’ Review: Sumptuous ideas, sour presentation

Shaniqua Juliano

At just 75 minutes, Laura Gabbert’s new documentary is needlessly hasty, leaving us with few ideas to fully chew on.

Growing up, my mom scolded me for eating food too fast. “Chew before you swallow, there’s no reason to rush,” and so on. She used to say that not giving myself the time to properly ingest a meal would make my body feel like it wasn’t, and that I’d only be hungry later on (she was right, of course).

I imagine she’d bring the same criticisms to “Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles,” a new documentary that questionably insists on shuffling through a buffet of cross-stitched topics with such haste that we’re left starved for substance. Pick your metaphor—”Cakes of Versailles,” from director Laura Gabbert, doesn’t do its due diligence in carefully measuring out individual ingredients, and so the whole thing comes out underbaked after 75 minutes. It’s hard to

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Easiest Meal Plan: Super-Flexible Recipe Ideas for Tired Cooks

Shaniqua Juliano

Master recipe: Pasta With 15-Minute Burst Cherry Tomato Sauce

One upside to cooking right now: It’s the very best time for tomatoes, especially the littlest ones, which are packed with flavor and savory-sweet. That’s probably why we’ve been seeing this recipe trending lately. We get it. We love it. You’ll just boil some pasta, heat a little oil, add garlic, then a few pints of cherry tomatoes, plus pepper, salt, and a pinch of flavor-enhancing sugar. The tomatoes will burst as you briefly cook and stir—that’s how you’ll wind up with a silky sauce. The whole thing comes together in less time than it takes your kids to figure out their passwords to Zearn.

Swap the basil… for arugula, or any mixed tender herbs (any combo of fresh mint, oregano, tarragon, and parsley is nice!)

Swap the Parmesan… for Pecorino, Grana Padano, or toasted breadcrumbs.

Swap the cherry tomatoes… for

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City of Bangor continues to discuss ideas for outdoor dining

Shaniqua Juliano

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) – The City of Bangor continues to look at ways to extend outdoor dining for downtown restaurants amid this pandemic.

Their Community and Economic Development Director says some restaurants may be able to choose tents, heaters, or both in their outdoor dining spaces.

We’re told that would only be allowed for restaurants that have year-round permits for outdoor dining spaces.

Owners would have to go through code enforcement and fire to make sure safety requirements can be met.

Community & Economic Development Director Tanya Emery discussed the restaurants that were given special outdoor area permits as part of the COVID-19 response.

“Those are the parklets for example. Those will expire on November 1st or the first plowable snow. That’s because there is really no way for those to co-exist will snow removal,” Tanya Emery, Director of Community and Economic Development at the City of Bangor, said.


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Gifts for co-workers or boss: Ideas they’ll love

Shaniqua Juliano

The people you work with can become some of your closest friends. After all, you spend 40 hours a week tackling major projects, chit-chatting around the water cooler, racing to the kitchen when there’s free food, and most importantly, working together as a team.

But even though you spend all this time together, finding just the right gift for your boss or co-workers can feel like a minefield. You want a gift that’s thoughtful and professional, but not too pricey or personal. And that often leaves items — like candles or gift cards — that are either boring or destined to be regifted.

From Himalayan salt lamps to gear for the person who’s always cold, we’ve found gift ideas that are thoughtful, professional and affordable. Shop our best gifts for co-workers.

Hallmark Flowers 3-Piece Succulents ($43.03; amazon.com)

A low-maintenance desk plant can do no harm. We love this

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5 low maintenance garden ideas for a beautiful space with minimum effort

Shaniqua Juliano

A low maintenance garden is a great idea if you want to have a pleasant outside space you can enjoy, but you don’t have the time (or indeed, the desire) to spend hours nurturing and tending to a delicate crop.

a stone bench on the side of a building: null

© Provided by Real Homes

But it’s a well known fact that low maintenance gardens can be tricky to get right. Without the blooming flowers and prospering plants taking centre stage, it’s the flooring, walls, fences and furniture that takes the spotlight. And so this is where we’ll focus.

From artificial plants, to statement furniture and minimalistic styling, we’ve compiled five key ways to create a low maintenance garden, for a space that’s beautiful all year round, with absolute minimal effort. You can thank us later.

For more garden ideas, head over to our full feature next. 

1. Go faux for a lawn that’s always luscious 

A fresh green

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Home Improvement: Holiday gifts to spark home improvement ideas – Salisbury Post

Shaniqua Juliano

Metro Creative

People have spent more time at home in 2020 than they likely have in years past. This has provided homeowners with plenty of time to ponder potential upgrades to their homes. After taking inventory of their lifestyles, surroundings and furnishings, people have embarked on construction projects or home interior design renovations in record numbers. Holiday gifts that cater to projects around the house are likely to be highly valued this holiday season. Here are some ideas for home improvement-related gifts.

• Home improvement retailer gift card: Home improvement centers are one-stop shopping for do-it-yourselfers. To help offset the cost of supplies, gift-givers can give a gift card to a neighborhood hardware store.

• Magazine subscription: There are plenty of ideas on the internet, but a subscription to a home remodeling or interior design magazine puts inspiration right in homeowners’ hands. Pages can be marked or cut out and

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Stretch your imagination: High Country architects bring clients’ ideas and inspirations to life

Shaniqua Juliano

The ‘Fly Barn’ is an intimate structure adjacent to the main house, wherein the fly-fishing contingent store their fly rods, vests and drift boat, as well as sit at the bench tying flies and regale each other with fish stories.
Photo courtesy Shepherd Resources Inc.

Everyone has their own ideas about what makes a home truly stand apart from the rest, but sometimes, it takes a little inspiration from others to get those creative juices really flowing. Homeowners curate ideas from all kinds of sources — from magazines to favorite vacation memories — and experienced architects bring those visions to life. Here are several examples of cool home elements to get your motor running.

Lighting it up

Doug DeChant and his associates at Shepherd Resources Inc. believe that light is central to any good design, be it light of the sun, moon or fire.

Whether it’s an indoor fireplace or

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7 ways: Jamie Oliver’s easy ideas for every day of the week | The Canberra Times

Shaniqua Juliano

whats-on, food-and-wine, jamie oliver recipes, jamie oliver 7 ways recipes, easy weeknight dinners

Jamie Oliver’s done his homework and looked at the top ingredients we buy week in, week out. We’re talking about those meal staples we all pick up on autopilot – chicken breasts, salmon fillets, mince, eggs, potatoes, broccoli, to name but a few. We’re all busy, but that shouldn’t stop us from having a tasty, nutritious meal after a long day at work or looking after the kids. So, rather than trying to change what we buy, Jamie wants to give everyone brand new inspiration for their favourite ingredients. Ingredients 2 tablespoons dukkah 1 x 250g packet of mixed cooked grains 1/2 x 460g jar of roasted red peppers 200g baby spinach 4 large free-range eggs 1/2 a pomegranate 2 heaped tablespoons natural yoghurt Method Put a large pan of salted water on to simmer for your

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Best Christmas gifts 2020: present ideas for everyone

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Christmas gifts 2020: quick links

(Image credit: Getty)

Christmas gifts can be hard to choose. Finding the perfect present takes time and careful consideration – but sometimes you just need a little inspiration. And that’s where we can help. If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for family, friends or colleagues then read on, because this page is your definitive Christmas gift guide for 2020.

We’ve collated all our top Christmas gift ideas and gift guides on this page, as well as links to other Christmas-themed articles that you might find useful. 

Here at T3, we’re all about discovering beautiful things that make life easier, or more productive, or more fun. Whoever you’re buying a Christmas gift for this year, we’ve got a wealth of ideas for every budget. 

Read on, but be warned – you’re just as likely to end up buying things for yourself!

Best-selling Christmas gifts


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28 Best Friend Gift Ideas, Including Herbal Teas, Chocolate, Handmade Mugs, and Cocktail Ingredients

Shaniqua Juliano

The very best friend-gifts tend to be the gifts that you’d also like to receive. And if you’re anything like me, 2020 gift ideas are all about treats, relaxation-encouragers, and a little bit more time with nature (or, at least, a house plant or two). Continue reading below for the best gifts for friends whether you’re shopping early for the holidays, seeking birthday gifts, or just missing your pal so much during this time of long-distance friendships that you feel compelled to send a little something out of the blue.

Gifts to Keep Their Green Thumb Going Strong

Even in big cities, the mid-pandemic seed sprint took hold. Neighbors dutifully trotted home from the nursery with bags of soil. Tiny tomato plants peeped through the bars on fire escapes. Every window had an herb garden. Now, after the initial spark of inspiration has died off, I’d imagine many of those

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