6 Decoration Ideas for Your Pool Area

Your pool area is that one spot in your home that screams vacation and fun all year long. Whether it’s the holiday season, summer vacation, or the weekends, decorating your poolside area is excellent for creating the perfect getaway at home. And with warmer seasons coming up, bedecking your pool area might just invite you to take a dip and relax.

Here are six pool area decoration ideas you should consider.

Add Lanterns

Tall lanterns are great accents for making your poolside area warmer and more romantic. The soft lights also make night swimming sessions and outdoor barbecue brighter and more enjoyable.

Adorn Poolside Walls

For pools built close to the wall, decorate the walls with vines, climbing flowering plants, or a mirror to create the illusion of a bigger pool area. You can use faux plants to save yourself from tending and keeping them alive beyond your pool party times. Install a weathered wall fountain to recreate a modern Italian-like courtyard. Take a look at photos of private beach houses for rent in Batangas to understand how to put up your vines to look organic on your walls.

Put Stone Pathways

Connect your patio to your swimming pool by putting stone pathways starting from your patio deck, leading to the pool area. Stone, lumber, and brick pathways complement the soft, organic feel of your grass. If you want something bolder and more stylish, use colored tiles as pathways to mimic an Italian garden’s classic look.

Add a Barbecue Grill or Bonfire

What poolside party is complete without food? Create the relaxing atmosphere of the outdoors by placing a barbecue grill on your patio. If you love camping, recreate your scouting days by placing a bonfire pit in your backyard. You’ll have fun roasting marshmallows and sausages in your backyard campsite.

Place Lounge Chairs

Poolside lounge chairs are perfect for sunbathing or relaxing before taking a dip in the blue water. Add an umbrella or shade when it is too hot; you don’t want to wrinkle or burn your skin due to sun exposure.

If you want easy access to the pool, install a built-in island in the middle of your pool. This concrete island allows you to take breaks after swimming laps, bask under the sun, or quickly seek high ground to relieve cramps or get snacks.

Decorate with Luminous Planters

Add more lighting to your pool area by placing luminous planters on the corners or the sides of your pool. These planters draw light from the sun, making them sustainable sources of brightness for your yard. You won’t have to spend on batteries or electricity to keep them bright. They also light the way to your swimming pool, making it easier to navigate around in the dark.

Overall, your swimming pool area is a place of relaxation, fun, and intimacy. With these six decoration ideas, you can convert your swimming pool area into a sanctuary where you can enjoy the outdoors, invite loved ones during the holidays, and have a fun vacation similar to what resorts and hotels offer.

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