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CHARLOTTE, NC / ACCESSWIRE / October 2, 2020 / Might a Self-Directed IRA be an ideal vehicle for a retirement plan during an unforeseen event, like the COVID-19 pandemic? Although investors around the world continue to wait for statistics related to the fallout of this global pandemic, one thing is clear: those investors who have built a solid foundation for their retirement are going to continue enjoying that foundation even after the main threats from COVID-19 pass.

But what is that foundation, and what does it look like? That is the topic of a recent post at American IRA, where the Self-Directed IRA administration firm examined how a Self-Directed IRA might help some investors prepare for unforeseen events, also known as “black swans.” For an individual investor, using a Self-Directed IRA with a high-quality real estate property, for example, can be a tremendous way to build potential growth in a portfolio that does not rely on the individual swings of the stock market.

The article also mentioned that with a Self-Directed IRA, investors will already be used to having property managers handle the work, which means that even in the midst of a pandemic, property investors can enjoy a remote way of building a retirement nest egg. Even before “social distancing” became part of the nomenclature, investors with a Self-Directed IRA had gotten used to the peculiar rules of retirement investing with real estate, in which they have to keep the property separate from their personal investments.

The end-result, according to the post, is a method of investing that is highly adaptable to the world during-and potentially after-COVID-19. With investors managing their real estate property (through a property manager), they can continue to focus on the day to day aspects of their lives. As long as the property is a strong investment, it can continue to generate returns even in the midst of a pandemic.

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