Eastern-area real estate transactions for the week of Oct. 4

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TribLIVE’s Daily and Weekly email newsletters deliver the news you want and information you need, right to your inbox. Churchill David Buehner sold property at 764 Beulah Road to Lauren Friday and Nicolette Corey for $95,000. Evan Frazier sold property at 1912 Garrick Drive to Andrew Michael Bell for $210,000. […]


David Buehner sold property at 764 Beulah Road to Lauren Friday and Nicolette Corey for $95,000.

Evan Frazier sold property at 1912 Garrick Drive to Andrew Michael Bell for $210,000.


John Swartz sold property at 215 Valley Stream Drive to Kimberly Daugherty for $165,000.


David Cinciripini sold property at 118 Dewey St. to Eric Wirth for $233,000.

Benjamin Michael Witsberger sold property at 513 Greendale Ave. to Todd Ernst for $305,000.

Thomas Reid Jr. sold property at 110 Ivy St. to Matthew David Pocius for $243,900.

Forest Hills

Donald Adams sold property at 3762 Greensburg Pike to John Reedy Jr. for $255,000.


Jonathan Timmons sold property at 911 Garden City Drive to Bryan and Cindy Gissell Bedoya for $181,000.

Raymond Morton Jr. sold property at 2165 Haymaker Road to Kathleen McDonald for $319,900.

Chad Shumaker sold property at 417 Hazel Drive to Anthony and Carina Mendola for $400,000.

Hyeong Kim sold property at 128 Kelly Court to Vasila Makhkambaeva for $313,750.

Rocco D’Ascenzo sold property at 1448 Madden Drive to Shaun and Teresa Marie Matheson for $169,000.

Everbank sold property at 754 Patton St. Ext. to Marvel Holdings Trust for $35,119.

David Dovala II sold property at 213 Poplar St. to Wagner Lopez for $135,000.


LSF10 Master Participation Trust sold property at 4028 Benden Circlw to Mandi Guerrero for $167,900.

Melvin Visnick trustee sold property at 5718 Fisher Court to Bryan Bell for $109,900.

Dewees Cutshall sold property at 3702 School Road to Matthew Myers and Samantha Ayres for $190,400.

Carl Pursh III sold property at 2976 Trafford Road to Eric and Brianna Clements for $385,000.

Richard Debiase sold property at 3958 Utah Court to Troy Zatezalo for $137,500.

Olga Sklyut sold property at 2301 Wheatland Circle to Steven and Mary Kallen for $290,000.

Estate of Dolores Casper sold property at 3161 Wilson Road to Tony and Angie Kennon for $305,000.

North Huntingdon

Michael Tadich sold property at 2162 Guffey Road to Frank and Joahanna Costantino for $144,000.


Sherry Longo sold property at 640 Fifth St., Unit 208, to Sharon Lynne Delp for $160,000.

Edgewater Properties L.P. sold property at 214 Park Place to Robert Lee Plata II and Jennifer Antonucci for $409,800.

Estate of Nick Grosse Jr. sold property at 128 View St. to CN 100 Enterprises LLC for $160,000.

Penn Hills

West Miffling Management LLC sold property at 840 Ninth St. to Sarah Becker for $85,000.

Estate of Robert Graziano sold property at 6834 Alcoma Drive to Henry and Margit Franzone for $127,000.

Leverett Diggs sold property at 634 Churchill Ave. to James and Adrienne Bradshaw for $115,900.

HSBC BANK USA NA trustee sold property at 10915 Frankstown Road to Tom Hedfors for $49,000.

Patricia DeLaCruz sold property at 808 Jefferson Road to Christopher Todd Hutchinson for $132,000.

Christie Edwards sold property at 12 Marycrest Drive to Jenee Oliver for $128,000.

Robert Bolgert sold property at 208 Penn Vista Drive to RS Holdings 201 LLC for $7,000.

Kelly Danielson sold property at 1307 Universal Road to Home Buying Solutions Inc. for $45,675.

Hoffmeier Holdings 2 LLC sold property at 5738 Verona Road to Seven Star Reit LLC for $58,000.

Penn Township

RWS Development RC Ltd. sold property at 1010 Blueridge Court to Robert Tuccelli and Xiaona Jia for $100,000.

Mark Popovic sold property at 21 Brooklane Drive to Austin and Kathren Jarboe for $190,000.

Michael Mammone sold property at 1021 Calmar Drive to Frank and Cathleen Moraca for $340,000.

Kevin McKinley Fine sold property at 100 Echo Spring Circle to Cartus Financial Corp. for $274,900.

Cartus Financial Corp. sold property at 100 Echo Spring Circle to Brian Osborne for $274,900.

Estate of Stephen Stupak sold property at 1003 Greer Lane to Nathaniel and Rachael Jackson for $222,500.

Samuel Elko sold property at 138 Harvest Lanen to David and Heather Kress for $421,500.

Estate of Irvin Rittko sold property at 5980 Mellon Road to Ryan Houser and Erica Yohman for $155,000.

SFG2 Group L.P. sold property at 110 Royal Oaks Court to Suncrest Homes Inc. for $85,000.

PTV 1050 LLC sold property at 935 Route 130 to Exchangeright Net Leased Portfolio 40 for $1,560,600.

RWS Development RC LTD sold property at 1010 Skyline Drive to Scott Tyler and Carli Ferretti Weaver for $100,000.

RWS Development RC Ltd. sold property at 1021 Skyline Drive to Anthony Roberson and Melissa Swauger Roberson for $502,310.

Blackthorn Investors LLC sold property at 1094 Wedgewood Drive to NVR Inc. for $72,189.

NVR Inc. sold property at 1097 Wedgewood Drive to Vincent Joseph and Margaret Strate for $398,005.


Craig Southern sold property at 185 Black Hills Road to David Cassell and Judy Brophy for $140,000.

David Grasinger sold property at 712 Garlow Blvd. to Adam and Maggie Pennington for $186,000.

Shirley Thomson sold property at 2008 Holiday Park Drive to Ralph Nicassio III and Aubree Furrer for $205,000.

Michael Gartland sold property at 514 Millers Lane to Peter Andrew and Elisabeth Marie Rew for $184,900.

Keith Cornuet sold property at 217 Nassau Drive to George Scheibe and Megan Atkinson for $165,000.

Julia Marraccini sold property at 120 Pine Court to Brittany Burkhouse for $99,000.

Comerica BK & TNA Tr sold property at 631 Presque Isle Drive to Keisha Marie Nesbeth for $172,500.

LSF10 Master Participation Trust sold property at 3014 Settlers Court to Michael and Sandra Gartland for $297,000.

Estate of Williams Charles Jacks sold property at 507 Unity Center Road to Jackson PA Trustee for $23,500.


Penn Pioneer Enterprises LLC sold property at 7455 Church St. to Thomas Alexander Co. LLC for $120,000.

Hernan Maldonado sold property at 7508 Ellesmere St. to Pridewell LLC for $30,000.

Aaron Conway sold property at 1202 Macon Ave. to Andrew and Leanne Sayce for $372,000.


Bank New York Mellon sold property at 224 Adrian Ave. to Timberdale Imperial L.P. for $52,000.

Entech Bradford Square LLC sold property at 235 Ridgecrest Court to Maronda Homes LLC for $76,000.

Jonathan King sold property at 111 Wallace Ave. to Jordan King for $120,000.

Turtle Creek

JRD Properties L.P. sold property at 419 Fairview Ave. to Stephen White for $56,600.

BCD Enterprises LLC sold property at 1801 Lynn Ave. to Peace Mind Living Habilitative LLC for $22,500.


Dominic Deorio sold property at 554 Lucia Road to Michael and Meredith Getachew for $145,000.

Abdelatee Eljadei sold property at 571 Lucia Road to Anjali Das and Casey Vinson for $128,000.


Stacey Bloom sold property at 303 Biddle Ave. to PD Investments LLC for $250,000.

Estate of Alan Lindblom sold property at 825 E End Ave. to Yanlai Wu for $285,000.

Mark Darius Juszczak sold property at 421 Ross Ave. to Auto Shower 2 Inc. for $10,000.

Gerald Fox sold property at 1412 Wesley St. to Julius Haywood for $5,000.

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