How much? Broome, Tioga county real estate sales, transactions

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Real estate transactions for July 12-18, 2020. BROOME COUNTY Binghamton City     Velesta Morrison sold 107 Susquehanna St to Hamza Syed for $75,000 on July 17. Thomas Giovinazzo sold 43 Jackson St to Catherine Johnson for $105,000 on July 12. Benjamin Dvorsky sold 60 James St to Stacey Burt for $13,400 […]

Real estate transactions for July 12-18, 2020.

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Binghamton City    

Velesta Morrison sold 107 Susquehanna St to Hamza Syed for $75,000 on July 17.

Thomas Giovinazzo sold 43 Jackson St to Catherine Johnson for $105,000 on July 12.

Benjamin Dvorsky sold 60 James St to Stacey Burt for $13,400 on July 14.

Linda Fort sold 11 Mitchell Ave to Chelsea French for $95,000 on July 15.

Patricia, Executor O’Maille sold 25 Bennett Ave to Alexander Jablonski for $155,000 on July 14.

And Urban Developmen Secretary Of Housing sold 22 Gaylord St to Michee Desoches for $28,200 on July 16.

Timothy Vaverchak sold 13 Roosevelt Ave to Erin Brown for $91,250 on July 15.

Brian Lee Melton sold 18 Gaylord St to Keynon Trumbach for $73,936 on July 16.

Daniel Ferranti sold 10 Lennox Dr to Mary Contessa for $210,000 on July 17.

Joseph Jones sold 9 William St to Francine Toth for $90,000 on July 17.

Jason Mahler sold 7 Crestmont Rd to Dylan Rittenburg for $216,000 on July 16.

Denise Brathwaite sold 34 Pearne St to  Gda Broome Properties LLC for $21,750 on July 17.

Nancy Santucci sold 7 Allendale Rd to Sean Smith for $155,000 on July 15.

Citizens Bank, N.A. sold 30 La Grange St to Edward Kuklo for $36,000 on July 15.

Patricia Kriebel sold 339 Main St to  Niaz-52 LLC for $82,500 on July 13.

Earl Westerlund sold 28 Lathrop Ave to Amantha Powell for $148,500 on July 13.

Sarah Edwards sold 13 Way St to Nicolas Cannon for $70,000 on July 16.

Joseph Savelli Estate sold 151 Prospect Ave to Dilcia Y. Sanchez Antunez for $71,125 on July 16.

Michael Eckler sold 8 Cleveland Ave to Jeffrey Deacon for $135,000 on July 14.

Mary Ann Rudy Estate sold 36 Vestal Ave to Anne Marie Ferranti for $110,500 on July 13.

Andrea Zollbrecht sold 76 Aldrich Ave to Jessica Bump for $220,500 on July 17.


Scott Lehr sold 8185 Nys Rte 79 to Grant Copenhaver for $62,900 on July 15.


Cynthia Hartford sold 1853 Hawleyton Rd to Kellie Ann Wilson for $45,000 on July 16.

Trust Murphy Family Irrevocable sold 1 Brookside Rd to Anne Marie Abdelazim for $325,000 on July 17.

Peter Mirabito sold 3328 Cynthia Dr to Mary Kay Mckinney for $309,175 on July 17.

Carol Vanderpool sold 499 Quaker Lake Rd to Vincent Digiulio for $175,000 on July 16.


Jean Christman Simmons Estate sold 5 Shore Acres Dr to Justin Lynady for $147,422 on July 14.

Matthew Sanzi sold 83 Hyde St to Megan Comstock for $125,000 on July 15.

Tracy Stamp sold 1321 River Rd to David Hamilton for $249,900 on July 15.

Port Dickinson Village      

Michael Bobal sold 3 Perkins Ave to Danielle Finch for $148,829 on July 13.


Jessica Lane-Rwabukwisi sold 121 Elaine Dr to Zachary Cole for $125,000 on July 17.


Brougham Reo Owner Ii, Lp sold 171 Ganoungtown Rd to Eric Heath for $35,000 on July 15.

Charles Campbell sold 8 Standish Ave to Amanda Decker for $108,500 on July 18.

Cynthia Ruffo sold 1284 Chenango St to Sarah Carman for $152,000 on July 13.

Richard Conklin sold 8 Prentice Blvd to Michael Davis, Jr. for $145,000 on July 14.


Randy Pendell sold 212 Smith Hill Rd to Jarrod Abbott for $73,000 on July 13.


Susan Vitanza sold 2 Westwood Dr to Colin Valenta for $395,000 on July 16.


Shane Jamieson sold 240 Perry Rd to Gary Lastella for $60,000 on July 17.


John Kelly sold 86 Page Brook Rd to Ryan Mess for $35,000 on July 16.

Brina Mauro sold 73 Kemak Rd to Steven Dobransky for $10,000 on July 16.

Endicott Village      

Tom Silvestri sold 104 Franklin St W to Chenoa C.F. Hailey for $83,500 on July 16.

Joseph Ferrese sold 1009 Monroe St to Julio Pleites for $15,000 on July 17.

Heidi Murphy sold 506 Barnes Ave to Dino Popolo for $25,000 on July 17.

Johnson City Village         

5 Endicott Avenue LLC sold 5 Endicott Ave to  Meja Group LLC for $110,000 on July 15.

Patricia Sullivan sold 20 Zoa Ave to Juan Melendez for $47,000 on July 14.

Lisa Cramer sold 210 Willow St to Corey Kohan for $45,000 on July 16.

Alan Benjamin sold 269 Main St to Marlee Burr for $65,000 on July 15.


Daniel Eddings, Etal sold 1136 Simon Rd to Anthony Mattia for $160,000 on July 13.

Rene Troncelliti sold 3306 Wayne St to Toivo Pasto for $115,000 on July 18.

Adam M. Valls sold 3856 Country Club Rd to Charles Gordner for $184,000 on July 17.

Duane Serfass sold 2400 Witherill St to Heather Campbell for $140,000 on July 15.

Eileen Ousterout sold 2910 Ricky Dr to Matthew Ousterout for $189,600 on July 14.


Rekha Tolani sold 141 Lagrange St to  Bingwest LLC for $62,000 on July 15.

Bank Of Ny Mellon Trust Co sold 920 Cherry Ln to Felicia Brown for $136,000 on July 14.

Paul Adams sold 2919 Owego Rd to Eugene Hendrickson for $12,500 on July 15.

Araz Fateh Shwani F/K/A Khorsheed sold 4600 Salem Dr to Jack Li for $174,900 on July 16.

Sarah Spring sold 277 Academy Dr to Robert & Jennifer Minor, Etal for $168,000 on July 14.

Trustee for Lsf9 Mas U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., As sold 3604 Vestal Rd to Jin Xian Guo for $100,000 on July 16.

Charles Rubin sold 420 Robin Ln to Ying Wang for $236,000 on July 13.

Michelle Brustein sold 473 Bunn Hill Rd to Steven Oven for $810,000 on July 15.

Ekrem Karakov sold 3100 Briarcliff Ave to Matthew Stephen Tarantino for $181,000 on July 15.

Robert Rudin Estate sold 600 Pickwick Dr to Syed Alom for $160,000 on July 15.


Tejpal Sandhu sold 1124 Old Rte 17 to Paul Hilfiger for $55,000 on July 16.

Carl Colwell sold 1663 Nys Rte 79 to Gray Theus for $25,000 on July 16.

Robert Weyrauch sold 20 William Law Rd to Michael Andrews for $245,000 on July 17.


Waverly Village      

Tony Santalucia sold 42 Pine St to Christopher Lee Bentley for $169,000 on July 13.

Michael Fritzen sold 49 Spring St to Holly Schoonover for $153,191 on July 14.


Linda Crumb sold 373 Hartwell Rd to Michael Bobal for $260,000 on July 16.


Tammac Holdings Corp sold 97 Catatonk Creek Rd to Amy Bibbins for $56,000 on July 16.

Newark Valley        

Christy Austin sold  State Route 38 to Jo Anne Conrad for $30,000 on July 15.

Howard Walter sold  Nv Maine Rd to Sara Stephens for $23,600 on July 15.


Usaa Federal Savings Bank sold 127 Pamela Dr to  Secretary Of Veterans Affairs for $80,009 on July 14.


David Hellenthal sold W/S Tilbury Hill Rd to Matthew Neely for $21,000 on July 13.

Tina Slavik sold 206 Ridgefield Rd to Jeremy Gallaro for $129,680 on July 14.

Penny L Mcnamara Livingtrust sold 1366 State Route 38 to Matthew Walker for $134,900 on July 15.

John Wasileski sold 1224 Pennsylvania Ave to Ralph Gibson for $124,900 on July 14.


Amral Khan sold  Howe Rd to Joan Oldroyd for $37,500 on July 17.

Spencer Village       

Raymond Maratea sold  Railroad St to Scott Wiggins for $25,000 on July 17.


Barbara Robinson sold 8 Shellenberger Rd to Justeen Wade for $30,000 on July 14.

Robert Root sold  Hanna Rd / State Route 17 to Timothy Mccloskey for $10,000 on July 15.

Trustee for Lsf8 Mas U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., As sold 181 Winters Rd to Matthew Zimmer for $49,000 on July 16.

Elizabeth Porter F/K/A Siegard sold 1211 Straits Corners Rd to Lynn Nichols for $70,000 on July 15.

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