India still helping TSLA after Rejections

The chief financial officer of TSLA Company, Deepak Ahuja holds strong hands in the five times rise in stock price on NASDAQ in just one year. Along with him, Jay Vijian who is the chief information officer leading a team of 100 software professionals, is trying to keep an eye on the making of Tesla and is having a hard time in maintaining IT.

Tesla is all set to make sharp cut moves on the streets beyond the United States, says Deepak Ahuja. Europe is now ready to take the huge business in Asia especially in India.

The Inferior Knowledge

Deepak Ahuja was born in a business family living in Mumbai. He did his graduation from Indian Institute of Technology in Varanasi in 1985 and completed his education at Carnegie Mellon University. The chairman and managing director, inventor of Nikola Tesla, an electrical engineer and a physicist, Harsh Manglik happens to be an alumnus of his. His brain is bound to function in a way that proves to be beneficial for him, his family and his company, as he has always seen his father doing that. Hence, he was once found saying in the favour of residing business or selling plants of tesla in India. “India is a huge potential market where we need to be. I think sometime in 2015 seems to make sense to enter India, but it’s difficult to make an official announcement.” He said this in an interview.

Deepak Ahuja worked as the chief finance officer at Ford in South Africa. In 2006, after getting convinced from the idea of Elon Musk of shaking the US market with the huge amount of transformation in the automobile industry, he joined Tesla. He said, at that time Tesla had 50 on 50 chances of exploding the US market.

The Opportunist

Until Tesla decided to go public, it was hard for Deepak Ahuja to prove his ability. But when in 2010, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla company decided to go public, it was Ahuja who was floating in the ocean of big opportunities. While Elon Musk envisioned the growth of Tesla Company, Deepak Ahuja acknowledged every minute details and loopholes and made it one of the most successful amongst all. After the 11-year progress plan floated by Elon Musk, Deepak Ahuja went completely after it and with thinking of each and every aspect about the inclination or deterioration, he made the company’s stocks rise high as 40%.   You can check more information from

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