Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties, Sept. 27, 2020

Shaniqua Juliano

Agawam Cynthia M. Fern-King and Lisa M. Fern-Boros to Cynthia M. Fern-King, 15 Alfred Circle, $92,500. Kostiantyn Lavrynets and Lyubov Kiforishina to Stephanie Justine Hurley, 23 Agnoli Place $273,000. Mary Arendt to Robert Russell Renaud Jr., 73 Bessbrook St., $235,000. Richard Berard, representative, and Doris A. Berard, estate, to Stephanie […]


Cynthia M. Fern-King and Lisa M. Fern-Boros to Cynthia M. Fern-King, 15 Alfred Circle, $92,500.

Kostiantyn Lavrynets and Lyubov Kiforishina to Stephanie Justine Hurley, 23 Agnoli Place $273,000.

Mary Arendt to Robert Russell Renaud Jr., 73 Bessbrook St., $235,000.

Richard Berard, representative, and Doris A. Berard, estate, to Stephanie Marie Karrasch, 19 Highland Ave., $195,000.

Roy Properties LLC, to VIP Homes & Associates LLC, Suffield Street, $375,000.

Sara M. Conroy to Michael Leonard Oberther and Malinda Jean Govoni, 23 Regency Park Drive, Unit 23, $116,500.

Tiger Cat LLC, to Anthony S. Muskus and Christina C. Muskus, 37 Regency Park Drive, $105,000.

Whisperwood LLC, to Jeffrey Lazazzera and Kristie Robinson, 24 Tina Lane, $325,000.


Peter Morse, trustee, Emily Marsters, trustee, and Morse Marsters Living Trust to Peter Morse and Emily Marsters, 327 Shays St., $100.

Brandon E. Braxton and Anna Rima B Dael to Fahad Alroumi, 500 West St., $375,000.

Mohtaram L. Bakhtiari, trustee, and Mohtaram Bakhtiari Family Trust to Daniel J. Levine and Theresa Ryan, 35 Glendale Road, $345,000.

Ellen Mentin, Steven Palatt and Nina Mentin to Terry A. Carr, 24 Greenleaves Drive, $179,000.

Andrew Bellak, Susan M. Bain and Susan Bain Bellak to Susan M. Bain, trustee, Andrew N M Bellak, trustee, and Susan M. Bain Living Trust, 216 Lincoln Ave., $100.

Charles E. Suprenant, personal representative, Charles Francis Suprenant, estate, and Charles F. Suprenant, estate, to Jamie A. Wagner, 315 North East St., $212,500.


Lorraine C. Zamojski and Steven E. Zamojski to Kimberley A. Chagnon and William M. Chagnon, 349 John March Road, $350,000.


Edward F. Brock to Lauren M. Brock, 160 Federal St., $134,000.

Randy E. Hawk to Jessica E. Camacho and Robert Camacho, 38 Underwood St., $346,000.


Margaret A. Gingras to Andre R. Gingras Jr., and Amanda R. Gingras, Marsh Hill Road, $310,000.


Kenneth G. Dulude and Donna L. Dulude to Judith L. Dulude, 218 Route 20, $165,000.


C R A Holdings Inc., to Amy Deauseault, 25 Grace St., $260,000.

Elizabeth A. Ferraro and Jacqueline M. Prince to Pauline E. Champagne, 18 Horseshoe Drive, $151,000.

Elizabeth A. Miller to Marie T. Ferguson-O’Connor, 64 Woodbridge Road, $175,000.

George R. Innes Jr., to Richard A. Jones Jr., and Christine M. Jones, Exchange Street, $25,000.

Gladys Lizak to Mohammad Shiban, Ghyath Shaiban and Asmaa Ayash, 114 Stedman St., $280,000.

Nicole M. Culverwell, Nicole M. Marceau and John W. Marceau to Nathaniel D. Bonenfant and Veida R. Parks, 64 Yorktown Court Unit 64, $155,000.

Paul W. Gajda and Donna M. Hamel to Volodymyr Boyko and Ganna Boyko, Mt. Vernon Road, $63,000.

Sandra Martinelli and Debra Shea to Marta A. Syper and John S. Syper, 236-238 Springfield St., $60,000.

SRV Properties LLC, to Randy Snyder and Jody Huntoon, 45 Orange St., $85,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, trustee, and Upland Mortgage Loan Trust B, trustee of, to Nicholas Ottomaniello, 993 Burnett Road, $165,000.


Bradley B. Brigham to Jocelyn R. Demuth, 30 Jacksonville Road, $360,000.


Vicki L. Martin to Jill B. Craig and Timothy M. Craig, Hart Road, $73,000.


Deborah Rae Nancy Gavito to David R. Owen and Alma Owen, 13 Jordan Lane Portion, $1,200.

Keith B. Frair, trustee, and Frair Investment Trust to Mark P. Silverman, 62 Powell Road, $344,500.

East Longmeadow

Barry W. Ross and Samantha Ross to Anthony S. Marinello and Kayla C. Marinello, 109 E Circle Drive, $285,000.

Cheryl A. Martino, representative, and Virginia A. Page, estate, to Andrew R. Mailloux, 306 Prospect St., $255,000.

Cherylyn A. Dembek, representative, Darrell Richard Page, estate, and Darrell R. Page, estate, to Scott F. Mason and Donna M. Mason, 41 Somerset St., $283,000.

John D. Connor to Eileen Speight, 88 Ridge Road, $330,000.

Michael A. Galietta and Carol E. Galietta to Francis E. Delavergne and Joy A. Taillefer, 15 Halon Terrace, $625,000.

Nancy J. Damario and Lillian D. Paschetto to Joshua Smith and Amanda Smith, 49 Edmund St., $234,900.

Thomas R. Nipps and Dayna J. Drobny to Bao Shui Zhu, 26 Edmund St., $360,000.

Warner M. Cross and Patricia P. Cross to Joseph E. Pasquini and Tai Leah Spargo Pasquini, 55 Porter Road, $297,000.


Richard T. Dion and Theresa A. Dion to Olivia Ann Lotstein and Max Clemmens Travers, 10 Keddy St., $311,000.


Linda J. Haselton to Glenn D. Hine and Sarah L. Hine, 93 High St., $242,000.


Peter G. Crouse and Maria V. Crouse to Danny Cropanese and Katelyn Maura Cropanese, Philip Circle, $100,000.

Marion Betterton and Gilbert Charles Betterton, attorney-in-fact, to Richard Michael Betterton Jr., 32 Truby Street and Truby Road, $147,000.

Asma M. Ali and Syed Ali to Christopher Heath, 8 Country View Lane, $15,000.


Magdiel Villegas to Sara M. Conroy and Alexander E. Audet, 708 Main Road, $235,000.


Lloyd C. Green Estate, Mildred E. Green, individually and personal representative, to Green & Green LLC, 38 Haywood St., $650,000.

Ricky A. Parker and Jean W. Wall to Jennifer C. Chibani and Yanis S. Chibani, 40 High St., $411,956.


Kim Steinbeck, personal representative, and Anthony Koroski, estate, to Henry Whitlock and Gary Toth, 67 Stockbridge Road, $179,900.


Russell W. Morton and Laura J. Morton to Hampden Town, Mountain Road, $202,000.


Jane Yolen Stemple to Heidi Stemple, 27 School St., $100.

Robert M. Wilson and Marion Abrams to Erin M. Casioppo and Wendy L. Barnes, 191 Pantry Road, $405,000.

Kerry E. Flaherty, personal representative, Patrick Josheph Gaughan, estate, and Joseph J. Gaughan, estate, to Stephen P. Gaughan, 3 Primrose Path, $360,000.


Cynthia Beaudoin, “aka” Cynthia L. Beaudoin and Gary R. Beaudoin to Erica R. Boucher and Nicole E. Boucher, 12-14 Tepee Lane, $18,000.

David Whalen and Lisa A. Whalen to Judith M. Hartwig and Paul J. Hartwig, 478 Route 8A, $225,000.


David R. Bouley to Hunter Boody, Lauren Michelle Boody and Jeffrey L. Burdick, 30 Butterworth Road, $305,000.

Stan Kaitbenski Inc., to J & G Construction Inc., East Brimfield Road, $100,000.


Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Patriot Living LLC, 1106 Main St., $130,000.

U S A Housing & Urban Development to Danna Beltre De Colon, 252 Oak St., $115,000.

Joanne H. Fogarty to Wadamyl Rodriguez and Jose H. Dominicci, 10 Harrison Ave., $176,000.

Lynette R. Y. Winslow and Stephen D. Winslow to Erin J. Seibert, 78 Berkshire St., $217,500.

Maria E. Lebeau to Andrea M. Lubold, 12 Memorial Drive, $197,500.


Carolyn Casella to David Deshais and Caitlin Deshais, 200 Kenmore Drive, $365,000.

Desmond Mullally and Patricia Corkum to Basim Hashim and Mirna Hashim, 6 Massachusetts Ave., $290,000.

Maureen A. Regan and Maureen C. Regan to Nicole A. Kelly, 26 Arlington Road, $294,000.


Anthony S. Marinello and Kayla Marinello to Domjoe Properties Inc., 19 Cross St., $160,000.

Candy Martins to Ryan Christopher O’Neil and Tiffany O’Neil, 21 Acorn St., $288,000.

John Portelada Jr., to Dylan P. Pereira and Lindsey A. Myers, 42 Hampshire St., $210,800.

Kenneth J. Nagy to Jeremy A. LaMontagne, 353 Fuller St., Unit 45, $305,000.

M & G Investors LLC, to Judith Chiasson, Marias Way, $125,000.

M & G Investors LLC, to Michael J. Pio and Scott J. Pio, Marias Way, $125,000.

Pedro M. Dias and Alexandra Dias to Eric David Hytnen and Karen Lin Hytnen, 120 Lakeview Ave., $191,000.

Todd T. Bousquet and Jeanne M. Bousquet to Amanda J. Winslow and Michael J. Healy, 347 Miller St., $468,000.

Zygmunt Kania to Andrzej Lipior and Halina Lipior, 123 Center St., $240,000.


Derek J. Kusek to Donald Henderson III), 77 Carpenter Road, $365,000.

Eric S. Belisle, Lauren A. Tryba and Lauren A. Beslisle to Barry W. Ross and Samantha Ross, 120 Fenton Road, $385,000.

James M. Messina to Brian Gorczycki, Bumstead Road, $35,000.

Warka Associates LLC, to Jesse E. Sugrue and Kyle E. Koob, Hovey Road, $299,000.


Kim Hastings/Kim M. Wickline to Scott Christopher Conant and Jasmine Louise Smith, 227 Turnpike Road, $226,000.

George M. Gillispie Jr., to Alison Brule and William Brule, West Chestnut Hill Road, $85,000.

Beverly J. Dubreuil to Hutcheson Ave Amanda Lightfoot, 2 Emond Ave., $221,000.

New Salem

Blast-Tech Inc., to Christopher E. Salem, Lovers Lane, $125,000.

Jennifer E. Barilone, Cathleen E. Dodge, Jason M. Dodge and Joshua L. Dodge to Jennifer Berry, 16 Ellis Drive, $299,000.


Timothy P. Schmitt and Geneva R. Schmitt to Keith Abraham and Meghan Abraham, 29 Ridge View Road, $550,000.

Amy Jo Mitrani to Matthew J. Fleischner and Jenna Rose Fleischner, 48 Winterberry Lane, $575,000.

Margot R. Bittel, Margot R. Bittel, trustee, Ronald D. Bittel Irrevocable Trust and Evan R. Bittel to Margot R. Bittel and Barry Daggett, 45 Beacon St., $180,000.

Terry A. Carr, Christine Carr Hill and Christine M. Carr to Justin Thibodeau and Emily Coppola, 24 Grandview St., $283,000.

Darren Pierce and Sheri Pierce to Rebecca S. Malinowski, 251 South St., $359,000.

Sylvia Mollard, Priscilla B. Mollard and Priscilla B. Molard to Guillaume P. Paumier, 50 Union St., $280,000.

Nicholas D. Duprey and Betty Lou Duprey to PS 144 King LLC, 144 King St., $325,000.


Paul F. Simpson to William LaBombard, 12 Parker Ave., $25,000.


Colin R. Hutt to Amanda R. Grubbs and Daniel Grubbs, 91 Harrison Ave., $170,000.

Ruie L. Hall to Philip E. Lowder, 180Hayden St., $167,000.


Richard E. Fulkerson and Elena Leon Fulkerson to Shauna L. Ziemba and Michael A. Ziemba, 42 Mechanic St., $325,000.


Stephen Cadarette to Darlene E. Barbeau and Julie A. Moran, 11 Hazelton Road, $149,000


Joseph P. Sharkey and Jeremy M. Sharkey to Russell Retail LLC, 45 Blandford State Road, $220,000.


Chester Rogers and Gina L. Williams to Beth Ann Rose Bezio and Fred Bezio, 259 Main St., $450,000.

Jeffrey B. Barden to Jilliam A. Haas and Justin T. Slysz, 55 Shelburne Center Road, $510,000.


John J. Gurman-Wangh and Marina R. Gurman-Wangh to Debra S. Gora, 45 Pratt Corner Road, $189,200.

South Hadley

Belinda M. Post to Olivia C. Hoess, 20 Lawrence Ave., $118,000.

Charlene Schmitter, personal representative, and Arlene P. Wildman, estate, to Scott Family Properties LLC, 40 Hadley St., $100,000.

Erin S. Stalberg, trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of Erin S. Stalberg to Sarah Mary O’Shea, 11 Wright Place, $350,000.

Sean M. Czepiel to Dakota Richards, 11 Bardwell St., $347,500.

Ronald L. Cormier and Lee-Anne C. Cormier to Declaration of Cormier Irrevocable Trust, Ronald L. Cormier, trustee, Chad W. Cormier, trustee, and Nicole A. Brunelle, trustee, 16 Hillcrest Park, $100.

Jessica M. Boardway to Calvin Josef Eckerle, 20 Lawrence Ave., $159,300.


Mark T. Rice, Mark J. Rice, Wendy J. Rice, Wendy Rice and Mark Rice to Camella World Peace, 134 Fomer Road, $350,000.

Joy A. Taillefer to Cameron Peter MacDonald and Amanda Kong MacDonald, 67 Gilbert Road, $493,000.

Cynthia Fournier to Brett P. Pietraszkiewicz and Sarah S. Pietraszkiewicz, 167 Glendale Road, $266,000.

Joseph G. Lafreniere to Nicholas R. Borges, 192 East St., $236,000.

Jacob E. Gold and Molly S. Gold to Aaron Daniel Biedrzycki and Caitlin Courtney-Biedrzycki, 4 Fomer Road, $314,000.


Alan Dietrich and Catherine Dietrich to Neil Joseph Kiernan and Charlene Noelle Kiernan, 7 Junction Station Road, Unit 30, $361,000.

Alan N. Little, Chris A. Little and Chris-Ann Little to Marianne Henry and Robert J. Henry Jr., 40 Wynnfield Cir, $313,000.

Karen E. Saunders to Alissa Phelps, 22 Knollwood Road, $145,000.

Ronald Vandervliet, Lisa Vandervliet, Ronald Vandervlet and Lisa Vandervlet to Steven F. Bailey, 392 North Loomis St., $250,000.

Thurston Properties LLC, to Tyler Guenette and Dianna Ippolito, 10 Woodside Circle, $264,000.

Tori B. Jennings to Mary Ann Thomas, 61 South View Drive, #61, $236,400.


Amat Victoria Curam LLC, to Rinaldi Pease Realty LLC, 30 Leete St., $162,500.

Anna Maria Rodriguez and Elvis Rodriguez to Aramis Marrero and Natasha Santana-Marrero, 28-30 Cleveland St., $172,000.

Annamaria C. Roberson to Edwin F. Morales Jr., 130 Winton St., $215,000.

Armand M. Roy to A & H Legacy LLC, 680 Carew St., $285,000.

Ashley M. Daoust to Gabriel Ocampo Jr., 151 Nassau Drive, Unit 151, $123,000.

Brian J. Staples to Stephanie L. Parnin, 144 Lloyd Ave., $175,000.

Christine M. Jalbert to Walter O. Cruz-Rivera, 23 Lucerne Road, $191,000.

Cig4 LLC, to Ramon Santiago, 240 East St., $120,000.

Clarence H. Montgomery to Jorge Calcano, 156 Kensington Ave., $235,900.

David Deshais, Caitlin Deshais and Caitlin St. Pierre to Joseph E. Griffin, 58 Senator St., $247,500.

Douglas Johnson and Lisa Merriweather to Padam Lal Mohat and Dilu Tiwari Mohat, 5 Gates Ave., $265,500.

Ernest A. Airoldi Jr., Daniela Airoldi and Daniela Aroldi to Kristen M. Tirado, 44 Quentin Road, $265,000.

Frank Oglesby and Frank Ogelsby to Dnepro Properties LLC, 82-84 Clifton Ave., $126,500.

Grahams Construction Inc., to Luis R. Cotto and Neidy Cruz, 57 Elaine Circle, $385,000.

Home Staging & Realty LLC, to Ruth Jackson, 46 Mapledell St., $218,000.

Ida W. Page to Rebecca Mailloux, 80 Farnsworth St., $143,000.

Joshua T. Smith and Amanda P. Smith to Grace Atkins, 15 Redstone Drive, $188,000.

Karolynn U. Sheppard and Keith Sheppard to Yasin B. Arbow and Binti A. Jibril, 549-551 Wilbraham Road, $170,000.

Kec Properties LLC, to Arlette Gomez, 97 Tyler St., $141,000.

Kurt M. Zimmerman to Darriel Alicea and Jaenyffe Santos, 79 Patricia Circle $237,000.

Siam Williams Investment Group LLC, to John L. Charles Jr., 274 Centre St., $260,000.

Latasha Drungo to Allen Murray Sr., and Brenda Murray, 86 Eloise St., $250,000.

Lee Ann Martin and Leeanne Martin to Plata O. Plomo Inc., 195 Glenoak Drive, $100,000.

Leroy E. Jessen, estate, Theresa Fitzgerald, trustee, and representative, Jessen Family Revocable Intervivos Trust, trustee of, Timothy Jessen and Timothy J. Jessen to Victoria Long, 68 Roy St., $117,000.

Lisandra Lopez and Jose Ortiz to Veronica Pellot, 18 Santa Barbara St., $132,000.

Louis C. Sharp and Louis Sharp to Dwayne Rolando Smith Sr., and Kadine Angella Bennett-Smith, 68 Chilson St., $220,000.

Mary E. Newton to Frankie Rodriguez Jr., 90-92 Windemere St., $216,000.

Mary J. Vaughn to Meghan K. Flowers, 115 Merida St., $166,000.

Michael J. Molinari to Global Homes Properties LLC, Wilmington St., $30,000.

Michael Manicki and Diane Manicki to Jeanne Bousquet, 102 Devens St., $225,000.

Nathaniel D. Raymond and Angela M. Raymond to Herman Torres and Mary Callands, 33 Slumber Lane, $229,000.

Nora L. Wiggins to Jose A. Cruz Colon, 147 Leyfred Terraace, $185,000.

Rafael P. Ortola, Connie Watkins and Connie Watkins Sowers to Angela Lissett Ortiz, 45 Bryant St., $200,000.

Russell Richard Lassonde to Donna A. Fellion, 145 Hanson Drive, $184,500.

Sandra Dakis-Fiore to Xiu Zhen Li, 7 Castlegate Drive, Unit 7, $170,000.

Source Nine Development LLC, to Margarett Lewin, 138 Harvey St., $151,000.

Standard Properties Inc., to Dnepro Properties LLC, 15-17 Greenwich St., $110,000.

Stephanie A. Fesko and Jeffrey K. Keck to R. A. Properties Inc., 140 Chestnut, Unit P-2, $73,000.

Tek Poudel to Tek Poudel and Punam Poudel, 113 Appleton St., $100.

Thomas D. Beggs and Kristin E. Beggs to Salvatore Decesare and Gia Decesare, 46 Wildwood Ave., $235,000.

U S Bank Trust, trustee, and LSF10 Master Participation Trust, trustee of, to Benjamin Vasquez and Natalie Rodriguez, 20 Bloomfield St., $219,000.


Wells Fargo NA, to Daniel Ryan Gunn, 100 Bondsville Road, $132,305.

Mary Ann Regin and Linda K. Provencal to Kerry Wells, 40 Crescent St., $190,000.


Michael Gordon, “aka” Michael J. Gordon, and Susan Gordon to Christopher S. Tero Jr., 10 Posk Place Road, $151,900.

Kristina A. Stinson to Sarah Suzanne Pugh and Sarah C. Turner, 66 West St., $412,500.

West Springfield

Bluebird Properties LLC, to Andrew J. McCoubrey, 27-29 Upper Church St., $300,000.


110 Lockhouse LLC, to Daniel E. Mangan and Susan M. Mangan, 110 Lockhouse Road, Unit 2C, $279,900.

Adam E. Roman Jr., and Mary Lou Roman to Stacey Goeltz and John Sawyer, 73 Glenwood Drive, $474,900.

Dennis J. Bein to Nikki Monteleone Bein and Marie Monteleone Bein, 45 North Road, $80,000.

Donna R. Michel and Jo-Ann M. Orluk to Andrew T. Oleksak, Charlotte N. Oleksak and Richard W. Barus, 136 Cabot Road, $240,000.

Gary J. Venne to Nancy L. Teixeira and Jamie A. Pierce, 27 Orange St., $204,000.

Jacob P. Martin and Ann Eva Martin to Kerry O’Connell-Skog and Kelly Skog, 321 Russellville Road, $430,000.

Jason L. Hoffman and Nicole Y. Hoffman to Tatyana Stepchuk and Roman Mikhalinchik, 15 Hunters Slope, $462,000.

Keith E. Bodley, Catherine A. Bodley, Keith A. Bodley and Catherine E. Bodley to Adam T. Alexion and Alicia A. Alexion, 9 Exchange St., $150,000.

Kelly M. Skog and Kerry E. O’Connell-Skog to John J. Zmuda and Linda A. Zmuda, 56 Russellville Road, $362,000.

Kenneth Bassett and Morgan Bassett to Cameron Robert Robitaille and Taryn Michelle Hamel, 40 Cross St., $203,000.

Mark J. Madru, Mary B. Madru and Mary L. Madru to Betty L. Conklin and Kristen B. Doogan, 5 Quail Hollow Drive, $403,000.

Matthew T. Kidrick to Marc G. Soucy, 1430 Russell Road, Unit 32, $125,000.

William K. Poehlman and Jill C. Poehlman to Jacob C. Danek and Corrine M. Sampsel, 85 Skyline Drive, $480,000.


301 Boston Road LLC, to Ligia Pilar Guerin and Melissa Escajadillo, 3 Lily Lane, $517,769.

Beth Newell and Bradley Newell to Rahmani-Kia Family Trust, trustee of, Djafar Rahmani-Kia, trustee, and Parvin Rahmani-Kia, trustee, Sandalwood Drive, Unit 32, $394,000.

Dan P. Bushey, Dan Paul Bushey and Susan Bushey to William K. Poehlman and Jill C. Poehlman, 8 King Drive, $440,000.

Eileen M. Nicoli to Kevin Boutilier, 8 Opal St., $224,000.

Eric Swett and Sarah Richard to Eric W. Swett, 21 Eastwood Drive, $10,000.

Franklin D. Quigley Jr., and Mary Jo Troy Quigley to Jack J. Collins and Barbara J. Collins, 10 Old Farm Road, $500,000.

Michael J. Camerota and Lisa E. Camerota to David Small, 31 Bennett Road, $385,000.


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