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Presidents have a history of keeping us in the dark about dangerous things. Google “Torpedo Alley” and the “Bay of Pigs Crisis” for more details. Give Trump a break!

Trump acted quickly with travel ban

Regarding The World-Herald’s COVID-19 timeline on Sept. 13, I was looking for the date that President Trump ordered the travel ban from China and could not find it. The date was Jan. 31, 2020. President Trump declared a travel ban from China amid criticism from many. I am a reader who appreciates what President Trump did that day.

Mary E. Sortino, Bellevue

These Nebraskans need help

I am having difficulty understanding Gov. Ricketts’ refusal of emergency supplemental food aid. His statements as published in the Omaha World-Herald article from Sept. 10 are telling about his character. He says, “We’re going back to the program as it existed before the pandemic. We want people to get used to the idea that, hey, we’re going back to a more normal life.” He goes on to say in regards to something he terms the “cliff effect” in which people will face a sharp drop-off in assistance at some point and that not having this aid would ease this transition.

These ideas are ridiculous. If you are poor and struggle with food insecurity, you would take any assistance you can get at any time. Thousands of Nebraskans were food insecure before the pandemic and will be so after the pandemic. Why refuse to help them when the pandemic has worsened their food insecurity? For them they will be going back to their “normal” life, one where they don’t know where there next meal is coming from.

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