What to Ask a Seller Before Purchasing Their Home?

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Home-buying can be a tedious process. Rarely will one be able to find their dream home without making any improvements and renovations after the sale. But once you find a suitable home that can meet your needs, you will get that feeling of wanting to make the offer asap. But […]

Home-buying can be a tedious process. Rarely will one be able to find their dream home without making any improvements and renovations after the sale. But once you find a suitable home that can meet your needs, you will get that feeling of wanting to make the offer asap.

But before you do, there are lots of questions worth asking the seller. You already did your part by asking yourself a series of questions. Now that you are about to make an offer, it also makes sense that you ask the seller the following.

What Is Your Reason for Selling?

Homeowners sell their house for numerous reasons. Some are simply ready to move on to a new location. This could be due to a job relocation or the need to upgrade or downsize.

But there are also sellers who are now trying to get rid of their home due to major issues that are now present in the house. Some will have no time or funds to pay for the necessary maintenance and repairs or if there is a presence of harmful materials inside the home. There are also some who chose to leave the house after a death occurred inside the home.

It is important that you learn about the seller’s motivation to sell. This way, you will have a better understanding of the house. You might even be lucky enough to strike a good deal with the seller if he wants to quickly get rid of his property.

What Major Repairs and Renovations Have You Done?

You wish to buy a house in decent condition. If you do find one at an affordable rate, chances are, the seller did a great job maintaining the house over the years. But then, seeing and knowing they were able to maintain the house should not be enough.

It is advisable to ask for the seller’s home maintenance, repair, and renovation records. This is especially true if you notice a discrepancy between the listing’s description and the property records. This will give you an idea if they already replaced the major systems.

What Can You Do About the Necessary Repairs?

You did a good job convincing the seller to conduct a home inspection. But after the inspection, the result shows that are major home maintenance and repairs that require immediate attention. As a buyer, you want to make sure you want to make the most out of the purchase by negotiating with the seller.

Unless he is selling the home as is, you can come up with an agreement. One is for them to lower the asking price to compensate for the maintenance and repair costs. The second one is that they will pay for the costs themselves.

Note that you should focus on the repairs and improvements that matter. It does not make sense to demand the seller to fix a house for cosmetic issues, to pay for any repair that costs under $100, or any other minor issues. If, however, you found significant repairs that require immediate attention, then you can talk this out with the seller.

For instance, you found cracks on the basement’s concrete floor. Spider cracks are usually a minor issue. But there is water leakage on the crack, then it makes sent to ask the seller to handle the concrete repair.

What Are Your Neighbors Like?

The most important part of the sale is the house itself. But then, the house is a permanent structure in a permanent location. You need to consider the kind of neighborhood it has and the kind of neighbors you will need to learn to live with.

So, don’t forget to ask the seller what the neighbors are like. Are there many kids and pets around? Does it tend to be noisy or quiet and how is the crime rate around the neighborhood?

What Do You Like Most When It Comes to the House and the Neighborhood?

Such a question might surprise any seller. But asking this question at the right time will give you a better insight about the house, the neighborhood, and the community as well. They can tell you about their favorite feature and even reveal some works they invested in the past.

They may tell you what they like the best about living in the neighborhood. This could be because there is a tight community inside the neighborhood. You might be surprised to find out that the neighbors are friendly or the youngsters around are good and helpful kids.

The good news is, the seller is not your only real source of neighborhood information. It pays to drive around town and talk to local shop owners and ask them how the state of the neighborhood is. Consider walking around and talk to neighbors about the place and the community in general.

A home purchase can change your life in many ways. You want to make sure the house is worth it. Asking the right questions can help you achieve your goal. So, don’t hesitate to ask and raise your concerns. You ought to know more about the house before you even commit to buying.

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